Kimbra - A Reckoning Vinyl LP

Kimbra - A Reckoning Vinyl LP

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Artist: Kimbra



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Two time Grammy winning artist Kimbra returns with her first album in four years; A Reckoning. Hers is a reflective record capturing the macro reckonings of our world around the environment, health, race, spirituality and feminism, though at the heart of it, this record is an examination of the war with the micro reckonings Kimbra faces internally. It’s the most sonically autonomous and confessionally raw she has ever been, finding influence in everything from modern movie soundtracks to electro-industrial pop. The album was first imagined in 2018, during Kimbra's tour with co-producer Ryan Lott of the band Son Lux, who recently scored A24's Everything Everywhere All At Once


  1. save me 
  2. replay!
  3. gun
  4. the way we were
  5. new habit
  6. GLT
  7. la type
  8. foolish thinking
  9. personal space
  10. i don’t want to fight