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Posted by Ryan Nelson on

Hi everyone, even though USPS has raised their prices yet again… we have decided to lower our shipping costs to make things a little more affordable for our customers. I know everyone is short on cash these days, so hopefully this will make it easier to justify blowing your cash on shirts! Right? ; )

Anyways, we made it so our prices are about $2 to $3 less than our competitors. The more items you put in your cart, the more difference you will notice in pricing. Enough talking… go buy some stuff!

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  • I just found out about you guys on Terrors page, and I Love all the Terror shirts, and the Elysia Hoodie you guys have is Classic! I can’t find it anywhere, you’ll definately be takin a good chunk out of my money every 2 weeks!

    Kevin on

  • thats awsome of u guys i always go to merchnow until i found inri clothing then the link sent me here i realy like the clothing and choices u have with bands i think i might just start spending some doe here

    lee powers on

  • yoo get more abacabb merch!!!

    angelo on

  • I found out about this place on myspace just a few days ago, and I love you guys! fer sure will be buying from here for the years to coming. god bless.

    Julian on

  • I saw an ad for you guys on Walls Of Jericho’s myspace page is how I even found out about you. I saw one of their shirts I want so will be ordering it shortly. Thanks.

    Robert on

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