Demon Hunter - Songs of Death and Resurrection CD

Demon Hunter - Songs of Death and Resurrection CD

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Artist: Demon Hunter



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Lush string arrangements, haunting piano chords, and layered vocal harmonies “resurrect” Demon Hunter songs from across their 11 studio albums, captured in the acoustic format in new studio recordings. 

Track Listing: 

01. My Throat Is An Open Grave (Resurrected) 
02. Dead Flowers (Resurrected) 
03. The Heart Of A Graveyard (Resurrected) 
04. Praise The Void (Resurrected) 
05. Blood In The Tears (Resurrected) 
06. Loneliness (Resurrected) 
07. I Am A Stone (Resurrected) 
08. I Will Fail You (Resurrected) 
09. Deteriorate (Resurrected) 
10. Carry Me Down (Resurrected) 
11. The Tide Began To Rise (Resurrected) 
12. My Heartstrings Come Undone (Resurrected)